5 Expert Tips on Corporate Training from SerenityWorks

The purpose of corporate training is to enhance the potential of your workforce. At SerenityWorks, we find the best corporate training encourages constructive thought processes while maintaining the mental composure of the participants. With that in mind, here are five tips on corporate training from our specialists.

  • Micro-learning

With more and more providers of corporate training in Sydney focussing on the significance of productivity, micro-learning provides an effective and efficient method of training. As the name suggests, micro-learning involves short, concise courses of not more than five minutes long.

The purpose of micro-learning is to prevent the mind from becoming overburdened with information. Consequently, a relaxed mind better retains knowledge, thereby enhancing productivity without the need for a rigorous schedule.

  • Information ‘Chunks’

According to scientific data [Wikipedia], the human brain is at it’s most effective when processing no more than three to five pieces (‘chunks’) of information at a time. Training strategies that use this method result in longer retention of essential information.

The corporate world is overloaded with information, vital or otherwise. To minimize further overload, ‘chunk’ style training is an excellent solution for busy workplaces.

  • Mobile Learning

As the name suggests, mobile learning involves the transmission of training materials directly to the mobile devices of participants. This encourages a more intimate, interactive and engaging style of learning.

The purpose of mobile learning is to make the training experience as focussed and enjoyable as possible. With ‘mobile’ being the current devices of choice [current stats], participants are likely to be more fully engaged and their training experience more effective. With leading brands failing to monitor employees engaged in grueling content moderation, the significance of humanized work should be taken to heart.

  • Peer Learning

What if training doesn’t seem like training? According to our experts at Serenityworks, engaging experienced employees to conduct courses, instead of formal trainers, can make learning more relevant, engaging and interactive.

The aim of peer learning is to make the most of the existing rapport between corporate peers. With this method, a training course can be more personalized than it can be when delivered by external trainers. The less formal, the more lasting the effect on the participants. As a bonus, the trainer is readily available in-house for follow-up questions or feedback. The same should be reflected in productivity. ??? should be?

  • Analytics

Lastly, employing analytics is a great way to track the success of your training program. A thorough evaluation of the program assesses the progress of each participant through feedback forms, online surveys and the like. Most importantly, analytics can identify participants who might need further help or individualized attention.

  • Summary

Information is the lifeline of the modern corporate industry. With a seemingly endless stream of data bombarding them every second, a humanized approach to training your valuable workforce is imperative.

At Serenityworks, we deliver corporate training by clearing the minefield of overload before we even begin. Contact for more details.



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