5 Expert Tips on Corporate Training from Specialists at Serenityworks
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A major portion of corporate training should be earmarked towards enhancing the human potential of workers. According to experts at Serenityworks, the purpose of corporate training is not bog workers down with a rigorous routine, but to encourage a constructive thought process, not at the expense of mental composure. Keeping that in mind, the following are five expert tips on corporate training as expounded by our specialists.

  • Micro-learning

With more and more proponents of corporate training in Sydney focussing on the significance of productivity, it is high time companies took up micro-learning as a serious venture. As the name suggests, micro-learning involves short, concise courses of not more than five minutes long.

The chief purpose of micro-learning is to prevent the human mind from getting overburdened with information. Consequently, a relaxed mind better retains knowledge, thereby enhancing productivity, not at the behest of a rigorous schedule.

  • In-Chunks Information

According to scientific data, the human brain is facilitated to imbibe not more than three to five pieces/chunks of information at a time. With the so-called chunking strategy, there is apparently a greater chance of crucial information to be stored within the mind for a longer period of time.

The corporate world is essentially brimming with information, vital or otherwise. To avoid confusion, corporate trainers should adopt the chunking strategy.Mobile Learning

As the name suggests, mobile learning involves the transmission of training-materials directly to the smartphones of the trainees. It is chiefly meant to encourage a more intimate, interactive and engaging learning.

The whole point is to make the training period as interesting as possible, keeping in mind the stakes involved. With leading brands failing to monitor employees engaged in gruelling content moderation, the significance of humanized work should be taken to heart.

  • Peer Learning

What if learning does not seem like learning? According to our experts at Serenityworks, engaging experienced employees for conducting courses, instead of calling informal trainers, might make learning more engaging and interactive.

The primary aim of peer learning is to make the most of the sustained rapport between corporate peers. That way, the course can be personalized to a great extent. Making it less formal would indisputably have a more lasting effect on the learning brains. The same should be reflected in productivity.

  • Analytics

Lastly, employing analytics could be a great way to track the success ratio of the training program. It chiefly facilitates a thorough evaluation of the program by assessing the progress of each learner. It might involve feedback forms and the like. Most importantly, it can identify learners who seem to be grappling with issues, so that they may be brought into the fold of the advanced learners.

Information is the lifeline of the modern corporate industry. With data chunks streaming into the brain every second, a humanized approach is the need of the hour. In that spirit, we strive to uphold the fundamental humanness inherent in each individual in this age of anxiety and apprehension.



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