5 Ways How ‘Serenityworks’ Strives to Humanise the Corporate Milieu
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The corporate world is steeped in the information. With the passage of each second, the human brain is flooded with streams of huddling bytes. Moreover, there is the added exigency of deadlines and other commitments. At the same time, one cannot hope to compromise with the quality of services. At Serenityworks, we strive to humanize the corporate bedlam by adopting a string of expert-sanctioned methodologies. Here’s how.

  • Early Adopter Program

We begin with what is known as the Early Adopter Program, something unlike traditional stress management training in Sydney. The program starts with a preliminary group instruction followed by a strictly personalized 24-hour follow-up. The same is earmarked towards collective efficiency by focussing on individual merit.

Next, we embark upon a mentoring program over the course of the following ninety days. The program is backed up by pre- and post-evaluation in order to gauge the degree of success. The minimum number of participants is twelve.

  • Preliminary Workshop

The primary aim of the workshop is to track issues, if any, and find speedy resolutions for the same. The workshop also involves a string of practical demonstrations for more effective consolidation.

The workshop is conducted for around one and a half hours. We accommodate a maximum of forty-five participants. The workshop is followed by personalized mentoring.

  • Individualised Mentoring

As a venture committed to all-round worker engagement, we have come up with a unique individualized mentoring program. It is earmarked for a strictly individualised instruction coupled with expert insights on leadership development and other things.

After a session, weekly reviews are taken up for thorough scrutiny. The weekly reviews are essentially meant to track the individual progress of workers and sort out any emergent issues or hindrances. Our individualized mentoring program at the executive level is a minimum three-month engagement.

  • Induction Program

The induction is a ninety-minute exercise which involves the integration of new recruits into the fold. The induction session is essentially mean to instill in recruits fortitude, resilience and leadership traits. The session accommodates a minimum of twelve participants.

The same is followed by a customized program at the executive level. The customized program entails basic course structuring alongside each participant’s HR or training personnel. The number of participants is not decisive. It is subject to change according to specific requisites.

  • Weekend Retreat

Finally, the weekend retreat is meant to complement the Early Adopter Program in the beginning. It also includes complimentary services as arranged. The number of participants is not decisive. It is subject to change according to specific requirements. According to our experts, the aforementioned techniques should be practiced regularly to achieve the desired results.

As mentioned at the outset, the corporate world is stricken with information-overload. Consequently, a misconception arises that more work is equal to greater productivity. That more and more employers are turning towards the mantra is symptomatic of a greater common ill.  At Serenityworks, we strive to overturn the much-encouraged falsity, keeping in mind the stakes involved.



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