A fifteen minute holiday every day | Serenityworks

We all know the feeling.

You book the trip, endure the travel, arrive, luxuriate in the accommodation, savour the food, immerse yourself in the sightseeing, enjoy the company, surrender to the sheer indulgence of doing nothing. By day three you’re starting to unwind. Four days left to go. By day five, you’re starting to think about work again.

Sound familiar?

You get home, unpack and prepare yourself for reentry into the grind. Three days back, the glow of the holiday is starting to fade; a week later it’s like you never went at all. What’d it cost you? How shortlived is the result? Photos on your phone now the only artifact of what was undoubtedly a nice break, but waaaayy too short. Ah well, in another few months you’ll enjoy another one.

Now, imagine being able to capture the deep relaxation of a vacation every single day. Enough to get you through the day with relative ease, knowing you get a refresher tomorrow. Or any time you need it.
Imagine not having to book anything, go anywhere, risk losing baggage, food poisoning, pickpockets, delayed flights.

We have a program that makes you feel like every day’s a holiday.
People will say,

What’s up with you? You look so relaxed these days.

You smile. Fifteen minutes a day sitting comfortably, slipping into the zone. The carryover effects spilling into your active life, feeling more focused, less stressed, more on top of things.

Why didn’t you know about this stuff years ago?

Welcome to the Serenityworks Executive Performance Program.
We’re former executives, we’ve been there just like you. The difference is we’re applying age old techniques and presenting them in a no-frills, ideology-free modern context that’s easy to apply and carries with it a host of health benefits. Not only does your brain get a rest, recent research shows it’s actually reconfiguring itself. A new default mode arises, calm focus becomes the norm.

As professionals, we need our brains to be working at peak.

If you find your memory’s been slipping, concentration is elusive, you’re moody, not sleeping well, with a mind that won’t stop—or you’re just lacking the usual verve—maybe it’s time you looked into this.

Download our free booklet today.

We’re running regular programs for people just like you. We’re passing on skills that we’ve honed and applied ourselves in leadership roles. Most people experience immediate results, so we know this stuff works. Come and give it a test run and see how much better life can be.

It’s cheaper than a holiday, with a skill set that lasts for life.
That’s a good deal in anyone’s language.


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