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The Executive Performance Program is now available for personnel at an individual or group level.

The corporate program is directed towards the attainment of two main goals:

  • A reduction in executive stress; and
  • The enhancement of cognitive function leading to higher executive performance.

The following programs are offered in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane and other capitals on request:

1. Early Adopter Program (executive level)

  • Small group instruction (12-16)
  • Individualised 24-hour follow-up to ensure proficiency
  • Mentored program over 90 days
  • Pre- and post- evaluation to document progress
  • Participants: minimum 12

2. Introductory Workshop (non-specific)

  • Medium size group participation
  • Research overview; issue identification and resolution
    strategies; demonstration of practical techniques
  • 1.5 hour time commitment
  • Group size: up to 45

3. Individual Instruction/Mentoring (executive level)

  • Personalised instruction/leadership development
  • Initial instruction plus weekly reviews
  • Commitment: minimum 3 month engagement

4. Induction Program Component (new entrants)

  • 90-minute accelerated program for new recruits as a
    component of their general induction process
  • Equips recruits with foundational resilience skills
  • Participants: minimum 12

5. Customised Program (executive level)

  • Needs analysis and course structuring conducted in
    conjunction with your HR/training personnel
  • Participants: Subject to specific requirements

6. Weekend Retreat (executive level)

  • Includes equivalent content/support to Early Adopter Program
  • Additional complementary services by arrangement
  • Participants: Subject to specific requirements

To achieve optimum results, regular practice of the simple-to-apply techniques for as little as 15 minutes per day is necessary and desirable.

Immediate or near-to-immediate improvements in calmness, sleep quality and sense of wellbeing are typically encountered as additional benefits for many participants.

For more information about The Executive Performance Program and Serenityworks download your copy of our Corporate Booklet.

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