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"If every day is a firefight, you will burn out. No amount of money, cigars or vacation time will stop it.”

Morey Haber, CISO

The intersection of technology, humanity and a global crisis provides the backdrop to this story. But it’s the cyber threat defenders who make up the main characters.

As these defenders, you're only human. With limited resources and your jobs and reputations on the line, the responsibility of keeping the organisation and employees safe while under constant attack is reaching the limits of human tolerance. Personal pressures in your own lives due your pandemic disruption adds to your daily burden.

We understand cybersecurity professionals. Our founder Peter Coroneos works closely with cybersecurity professionals in his roles as International Vice President, Cybersecurity Advisors Network and CEO, Icon Cyber and previously in his role of CEO, Internet Industry Association (1997-2011).

We have the knowledge and experience to provide cyber professionals with the ultimate stress-management training for your situation. Through it, we empower your critical workforce to be able to withstand stress triggers and minimise burn out.

We’re deeply concerned about the psychological toll on senior cyber professionals who face the heavy demands and often thankless task of securing organisations, and by extension, our online world.

Nominet, the UK domain national registry released a troubling study in February 2020 showing the average time to psychological burnout of a CISO is now 26 months. 

Main findings from that pre-pandemic report were:

  • 88% of CISOs reported being "moderately or tremendously stressed"

  • 48% of CISOs said work stress has had a detrimental impact on their mental health

  • 40% of CISOs said that their stress levels had affected their relationships with their partners or children

  • 32% said that their job stress levels had repercussions on their marriage or romantic relationships

  • 32% said that their stress levels had affected their personal friendships

It’s time to defend our defenders. If you’re looking for training that fits, we are ready, willing and able to bring restorative calm, emotional balance and mental resilience to your cybersecurity team.