Innovator’s Mind


Our Work Starts Where Brainstorming Ends

Rapid innovation is the lifeblood of 21st Century business. We see the rhetoric everywhere we look. But what most people miss is the fundamental question, where do the revolutionary ideas come from? Is there a way to more predictably generate solutions to core challenges? What are the human and environmental factors holding back rapid development of game changing insights?

The new Serenityworks *Innovation Series* workshops offer fixed price, half day, full day and retreat programs for companies wanting to add momentum to their development efforts. It is targeted at senior management and executives who realise that innovation and creativity are critical to their competitiveness, but are not sure how to identify and optimise potential within their organisations. Here's a chance to regroup and revitalise.

We introduce the concept of innovator's mind, then we show you practical ways to unlock the generative potential of individuals. Adapting powerful meditation techniques, way beyond anything mindfulness can deliver, we take participants to the threshold of thought itself, into that fertile 'void' where ideas first emerge. Learning to navigate this deep, restful state with clear awareness gives an unparalleled opportunity to resolve creative challenges. We use the natural processes of mind, but in a more conscious way. Traditional methods of problem solving using 'rational' tools, brainstorming and trial and error seem inefficient and unsophisticated in comparison.

The neuroscience supporting meditation as a cognitive enhancer is fascinating and compelling. Our ideology free, technique based approach consistently delivers for our clients who report more clarity, better focus with improved sleep quality and less stress.

If you're serious about embracing innovation, if you see value in unlocking the creative potential of your teams, email us or call us on 02 8007 4409 for an obligation free chat and let's see how unlimited you can be.