1. Deep Immersion into Creative Source

Our trademark half-day skills development workshop is just the thing to fast track your team into higher states of creativity and cognitive function. We call this process “team mind optimisation”.

Essentially, it involves equipping each individual with the necessary skills to firstly counteract stress and build mental resilience. We then go deeper by defining, identifying and locating the problem solving space, source of creativity, and centre of insight and inspiration.

Our expert facilitators draw on the latest cognitive research combined with time tested ‘unlocking’ techniques to provide a unparalleled creativity experience for participants. This is something they can take away and apply daily as they explore and develop their own limitless potential.

We’ll show that the saying “doesn’t have a creative bone in their body” is simply false. Everyone can be inspired and reenergised by deep immersion into the internal zone of infinite possibility.

Imagination can be more powerful than knowledge. This workshop will show you how.

2. Deep Mental Rejuvenation

Sometimes teams go through tough times. Reorganisations, crises, peak periods, major deadlines, product launches or events can leave them feeling physically and emotionally depleted.

Time off might help, but how about an immersion into deep physical and mental rest guided by proven techniques to restore energy, engagement and passion for the job?

That’s exactly what this workshop offers. We’ll guarantee no one leaves without an experience of fundamental replenishment and practices they can take home and use again and again.

If these workshops sound like valuable contributions to your team’s cohesion, morale and potential, send us a quick request and we’ll contact you with more information and pricing options.  Please indicate which city you are in.

Thanks ~ Peter and team Serenityworks