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    Stress kills creativity. Meditation enhances it. Is there a message here?

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    Can you make the birth of the innovative idea less random?

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    It seems for the first time you see things more clearly

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Six key benefits of our meditation training …

Improved memory

Improved memory

You discover there's always room for improvement.

Greater relaxation and ease

Greater relaxation and ease

Your body responds by shedding stress-related tension.

Enhanced sense of presence

Enhanced sense of presence

Your sense of self and personal presence heightens.

Increased emotional balance

Increased emotional balance

You feel your moods change for the better.

Focused and clear thinking

Focused and clear thinking

You drink coffee for pleasure, instead of for clarity.

Greater satisfaction in life

Greater satisfaction in life

You respect your mind, and life is more satisfying.

We'd like to share…


…a summary of the benefits, to read with your next coffee.

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…how wild claims prompted a neuroscientist to investigate.

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…the differences between beliefs, meditation and mindfulness.

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  • “Techniques and visual explanations were extremely beneficial... providing comfort that you were heading the right direction.”

    James Thompson, Head of Delivery ECS, UBS Bank

  • “For a minimal 15 minutes each day I have already noticed significant benefits, after only 3 weeks of practice. ”

    Ryan Noon, Senior Solutions Architect, Westpac Bank

  • “I have personally applied the techniques and have found them to be highly effective. The Serenityworks executive performance program makes an outstanding contribution to the executive skill set. ”

    Chris Poulos, Vice President Asia Pacific/Japan, Delphix

  • “I've seen a marked improvement in my effectiveness at work, I feel my leadership abilities have improved and I'm experiencing much greater job satisfaction. ”

    Chuck Maples, Vice President of Product Engineering, NIMBOXX Inc.

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